Black Tie Bakery

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't see any prices. How much do your cakes cost?

It's impossible to set up a price list, since each cake has so many variables. We take into account the number of servings, your flavor and filling selections, the complexity of design elements, and any rentals required. Sometimes a smaller cake may take longer to create than a larger one, and therefore, it will be priced higher. During the consultation, we like to present several possible variations and then send a proposal. We make every effort to work within your budget.

Do your cakes taste as good as they look?

You bet! We are well-known for great taste. We always get thank you notes commenting on how delicious & flavorful our cakes are. We'd love to make a sample cake of your favorite flavors, then you can taste for yourself!

Can I choose more than one flavor?

Yes. With a multi-tiered cake you may choose two flavors to suit your guests.

Why is your fondant better?

We always ice the cake with buttercream before we cover it with a thin layer of fondant. That way you get the beauty of fondant, and the great taste of buttercream. We'd be happy to make you a sample cake.

Can you copy a picture from a magazine?

We do it all the time!! Many people like our reproductions better than the original we are copying. We love to see new ideas.

Do the prices include the fresh flowers?

No. I will order the fresh flowers through a florist, and the bill will be added to the Wedding Cake Contract. That way, I am sure the flowers will match. Also we will order any handmade sugar paste flowers, sugared fruit, etc. that you may choose. I know the most talented baker who makes beautifully realistic sugar paste flowers.

What size cake will I need?

That depends on how you will be serving it. Will it be on display for most of the evening and cut toward the end? Will some of your guest have come and gone before you cut the cake? Usually a three tier cake will be enough to serve those who are there toward the end of the evening. Is the cake serving as the only dessert after a sit down dinner? In this instance you need to be sure you have a nice sized slice for each guest, which usually requires a larger cake. "Dessert slices" are larger than a "Reception slices".

How soon do I need to order my cake?

We usually book 2-3 months before your wedding. May through August fill quickly, so it's best to order as early as you can for these months. However we have been known to get a last minute call with only a weeks notice, so don't be afraid to call if your behind schedule. A 50% deposit will put you on our calendar. The balance of the production cost is due 2 weeks before your wedding.

What types of decorations are available?

Buttercreams can be made rich or sweet to your taste. Simple borders and flowers work well in buttercream. If you're having an outdoor reception on a hot day, this might not be your best bet, since it doesn't hold up well to heat. Rolled fondant is a sugar-clay type of icing, and it gives the cake a smooth, porcelain-like finish. It's more expensive since its in addition to the buttercream underneath, but you can do more with it in terms of modeling decorations and adding Lambeth Method lacework and flowers.

We want to have an outdoor reception. How will this affect our cake choices?

Since heat and humidity is the enemy of buttercream, an outdoor reception will limit your choices if the forecast is for hot weather. Depending on the temperature and exposure to direct sunlight you may have to go with fondant as a covering for your cake, since buttercreams will melt.. If it's at all possible, you could arrange to keep the cake in an air-conditioned area until it's time to cut it, and this might open up your options. Another consideration is wind. If your cake is sitting outside at any time of year and the wind starts stirring up dirt... you will have to move it inside.

Do you set up the cake table?

We cannot provide tables and linens. If we are delivering your cake, please be sure that the cake table is ready, or have ample space in a refrigerator ready. If you would like us to arrange additional items on your cake table, please arrange this with us ahead of time, so we can plan ahead. Brides usually supply all the extra items for the table, although we can supply extra flowers to match, if we are doing the cake flowers.

Do I have to buy the pillars and cake tray?

No, you can rent them from Black Tie Bakery for a nominal fee. If you wish to keep them for a memento you can purchase them from us. We have elaborate silver cake drums, serving sets, and several bride & groom cake toppers to choose from. We also rent the pillars, fountains and accessories that are used in the cake design.