Black Tie Bakery

Dolce Italiano

We have to thank my daughter Sophia, who was working and studying in Rome for getting us to Italy.  Seeing the countryside, meeting our family in St. Apollonaire, visiting the bakeries and tasting all the sweets, gave us a whole new idea of beauty and delicious surprises we could make back at Black Tie Bakery.

To create those tarts and cookies, we converted the Italian recipes to American measurements and ingredients, which is easier said than done, as Italy has a completely different standard for their flours, not to mention the metric measuring cups and their oven settings being in Celsius.  As a labor of love, we present "Dolce Italiano", authentic Italian desserts.  They will bring a heavenly smile to your face.


Cannoli (cannoli)

A rich combination of marscapone and ricotta.  $20.00 / dozen Small,   $35.00 / dozen Large

Chocolate Kisses (baci de cioccolata)

An Italian classic of ground almonds, chocolate, and dark rum.  $11.00 / dozen

Almond Fingers (ditti di mandorle)

A tender, tasty lemon-scented cookie with a toasted almond coating.  $11.00 / dozen

Honey and Pine Nut Tart (crostata di miele e pignoli) 

A very sweet treat with a delicate soft crunch.  $35.00 / 11” round tart

Blueberry Coconut Tart (crostata di mirtillo e cocco)

A perfect mix of fresh blueberries, lemon zest and coconut.  $35.00 /  11” round tart

Tiramisu (no translation needed)

A smooth and creamy delight laced with espresso and Marsala wine, heaven on a plate!

$20.00 / 7” cake,  $40.00 / 10” cake,  or  $30.00 / 8” Heart shape cake

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