Black Tie Bakery

Gingerbread Houses

Completely edible, decorated and ready to be presented. We apply our love of cake decorating to the gingerbread house tradition. We make a snappy gingerbread cookie recipe, and have lots of fun putting creative details into every unique house.  No two are the same.  We'll be happy to look for special candy to customize your house, if you have a special interest.  You may order it empty, or for a children's party we can fill it with 1 lb. 8oz. of candy, in single serve wrappers, 

A delightful centerpiece and a perfect party treat for young and old!



Gingerbread Houses measure ( 7" x 6" x 9") 

$50.00 empty OR $65.00 filled with 1-1/2 lbs. of candy. Shipping in the US is available for an additional $35.00.

Gingerbread Boy cookies measure (3" X 6")

$5.00 each, Shipping rate per quantity

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